Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wedding Recap

Yesterday I attended a beautiful wedding and I thought my daughter was the star of the show as a flower girl (other than the bride of course). It was definitely a long day though and my daughter was really good about the whole thing.

Previous to the wedding, I had been playing "wedding" with my daughter and used imaginative play to help her practise being a flower girl and know what to expect. She practised by throwing these origami creations I made ages ago (back in grade 7 lol) and walked down the aisle (hallway). It was too bad she didn't get to throw flowers at the real wedding though. I found out on the day that they weren't allowed to throw flowers at that particular church.

I thought she looked like a mini bride hehe :) She definitely melted a lot of hearts yesterday. She was also a super dancer and spent most of the night dancing away.

When I took this pictures, I had a glimpse of seeing her as a real bride in the future...

This was the card I made for the couple. I've never made a wedding card before so this was my attempt at making it wedding like (I was told later by my husband that this was not my style...but I've still yet to discover what's my style o_O). I made the flower based on this flower tutorial.

Since I didn't know the couple too well, I kinda did stray away from what I might've done (possibly something with a little more colour, a little cuter?). I have a new idea for "take 2" of a wedding card which I will make as soon as I catch my breath on the busyness of life. It is much easier to make a card without an intention to give it to anyone in particular.

I have one more week till vacation at the beach!!! :D I do need to make a house warming card before that though.

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