Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day (Part II)

My daughter had some stamping fun for her daddy too.

I picked up some non-toxic, washable stamp pads for my daughter from Michael's for this. I think the ink is almost gone after her artistic stamping statement though. hehe.

These were the captions I wanted to include...

Put your hands up in the air for the best dad ever.

 Thank you for walking with me as I grow. 

Of course, my husband had different captions in mind...
"These are the hands I dah (chinese for hit) you with."
"These are the feet I teh-k (chinese for kick) you with."
 Yes, my toddler is at the hitting stage -_-. Hopefully that will pass over eventually...

The frame on the left was a mother's day craft I made with my mom-in-law 2 years ago when my daughter was not even 3 months old. Time sure flies. Actually the foot in the frame looks almost the same size 'cuz of the angle lol.

I'm very lucky to have such a great father for my child. He is so supportive, involved, funny, and just adds a whole lot of fun to everything. Just the other day on his day off, he took my daughter and I on a scavenger hunt around the city. It was definitely a memorable day and I'll make a later post about this.  Thank you for being the best and most amazing dad for my daughter! <3

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