Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Droplet of Child's Play: Paper Towel Bats

With Halloween around the corner, I made a little bat craft with my little 2 year old. I saw this simple and creative idea over at this blog.

Since I didn't have coffee filters, I had to think of something else to use-paper towels! Just ink it up with markers, spray with water (my daughter's favourite part), watch the colours do its magic, and voila!

After that, decorate some clothespins, allow paper towel wings to dry, put it together, and hang it up!

Happy Early Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Use It Tuesday #42: Use Orange

It's time to use up some stash over at Use It Tuesday!

This week we are bringing the colour of fall-ORANGE! into our craft projects. 

I had intended to make a Halloween card but because of the disorganization of my craft space, I couldn't find the stash I needed to go ahead with my original idea. Soo...I improvised and came up with a totally different idea! That's what crafting and art is all about-the process! The inside is left blank so it can be easily customized for whatever occasion.

My hoarded items include: Stampin' Up orange cardstock (garage sale from over a yr ago), craft string (dollar store years ago), uninked bird stamp and border stamp

Let's see some of that nice bright orange when you link up your project over at Use It Tuesday. Challenge closes October 23rd and don't forget to mention your hoarded items. Oh, and of course, check out all the beautiful inspiration from the design team!

Happy Autumn Everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Use It Tuesday Challenge #41: All About Fall

It's time to get crafty again over at Use It Tuesday!

Whether it's the fallen leaves or the cool breeze, one thing is more sure-autumn is here. This week we are making projects all about fall.

For me, fall is all about the beauty of the leaves.

While I didn't capture the beautiful colours of the fall season in this card, I did incorporate the theme of falling leaves. There is something about kraft cardstock that I really like (as you may have noticed from my previous posts using kraft cardstock) and I think it reminds me of the fall too.

My hoarded items include: Uninked tree stamp (a few months ago), leaf stamp (a yr ago and previous to that, have only let my daughter play stamping with it), craft string (yrs ago from dollar store), washi tape (stray piece lying my my desk)

Come link up your project with your list of hoarded items over at Use It Tuesday. Challenge closes October 19th. Happy Fall Days!


Monday, October 8, 2012


It's Thanksgiving over here in Canada and although I'm getting sick AGAIN after recovering from a 2 wk cold, I'm still thankful for a lot of things. 

-My beautiful daughter who amazes me everyday with how much she's growing 
-My loving husband who puts myself and my daughter first before himself
-My supportive family whose been there to help take care of my daughter when I'm working or need some extra time for things
-My understanding friends who have made a point to keep in touch after all these years
-A roof over my head and being able to raise my daughter in the house that I grew up in. Also being given the freedom to turn my dining/living room into my daughter's playroom. 
-The happiness, health, and safety of my loved ones
-The precious shared moments with my husband and daughter

I have so much I'm thankful for and I feel very lucky to be me.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!