Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little getaway...

I just spent the last 2 days over at my Mom-in-law's house in a little town near London, Ontario. The decision was made to take the 2 hour drive there after my little 2 year old somehow convinced my husband to take her to grandma's house while I was at work. Either my daughter is very persuasive (taking on her dad's trait) or my husband is too soft hearted to say no to her. Either way, the spontaneous little getaway was a lot of fun.

My daughter got to see her grandma (who had saved so many toys and books for her granddaughter in case she were to visit at anytime). They both spent a lot of time together which was nice since we didn't visit since Christmas time. The weather was beautiful in the last 2 days too. It was also nice for my husband and I to get to have a little break from the full responsibilities of being a parent.    

My granddaughter also got to see her grandpa. We met up with him and had lunch at a burger bistro called "The Works." While the burger beef patties were a bit on the dry/bland side, I thought the rugged/construction thematic decor was soo creative!

Salt and pepper shakers made to look like light bulbs, measuring cups used as glasses for water, humourous descriptions in their menu-I loved it!

Since we were in the western part of Ontario, the farms there were plentiful and nothing short of farm fresh foods. The strawberry season is just coming to an end (early this year) so we caught the last of it and bought some freshly picked strawberries-SO sweet and juicy! My husband (aka Chef Quan) had meant to make this awhile back but never had his hands on fresh strawberries. Here is his creation!

Cheesecake in a mason jar <3 and it was delicious! The consistency wasn't very thick since it was a non bake cheesecake so we decided to call it Cheesecake Parfait instead :) 

That's my post for tonight! I've got 3 more days till I take a vacation to the beach!


Virginia L. said...

How nice to have a little break to yourself!! Sounds like your hubby and daughter had a great time! I had heard about "The Works" and I haven't been to one yet (apparently there is one in uptown Waterloo)!! That mason jar cheese cake looks divine! YUM! (PS: I have a Pizzelle cookie maker. That gave me an idea...)!!

yyam said...

Sounds like a fun trip....and yummy treats! I love those light bulb pepper and salt shakers.
Enjoy your beach vacation! :)