Thursday, June 21, 2012

Creative Inspiration: Quilling

When I saw this image, I was in awe. <3

Maybe one day I can quill like this. heheh...rightt...

The image is from a talented quiller, Leesandra Diaz at The Sweet Spot. Her blog offers a glimpse of her work that she sells from Etsy. She has also made two fabulous tutorials (one recent one) on quilling-a great place to start and I'm hoping to try out some of the techniques she's shown :)

In the meantime, it is so, so hot here in Toronto and without AC, I am melttinnggg these days x_x.


Stephanie U said...

Wow! This card is AMAZING. It is a work of art.

tampatha said...

this is a stunning card! I've never done quilling before but this is amazing. Wow!