Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter in Disguise

It was such a warm winter day that it felt like Winter was pretending to be Spring today (that's what I told my daughter).  Of course we had to go out for a walk 'cuz if you know me, I dread cold winter days. Even if it's a fake spring day, I'll jump on this opportunity for some outdoor fun with my daughter.

My daughter was super excited about going to the park. Upon arriving at the park, we saw some strange sculptures that I never saw before. I thought the school added a new sculpture so we had to go check it out.

It turns out they were giant snowballs that haven't melted away yet. lol.

That's the oddest thing I've seen.

Then we went to explore the rest of the park and playground.
Isn't this the neatest thing? We had some fun taking turns finding letters.

That's my highlight of the day. Tomorrow I'm back to work. Oh, I'm also finally better from my 3 week flu or whatever it was but it looks like my husband caught it :( Hope he gets better soon.

 Happy Weekend Everyone!

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