Friday, January 18, 2013

PlayMais Sculptures

Yesterday my husband kindly drove me to a kids craft store quite a distance away. I was hoping to pick up some student grade watercolour paper for a really good price but unfortunately, it wasn't the quality I expected :(. We did end up picking up some other really neat things (actually my husband picked them out).

One of them is a box of PlayMais. When I first saw them a couple of months ago, I was skeptical so I never even thought about buying them (I thought they looked just like the packaging peanuts you get from delivery boxes plus it costed almost $20 for a box of them). When I started playing with them today with my daughter, I was very wrong about them. They are FABULOUS!  It's 100% biodegradable (made from corn) and very easy to use (a small dab of water sticks them together). The best part is it's non-toxic (I admit that in the past I did try making sculptures with the styrofoam peanuts using glue and they made this funky smell so I knew not to use it again for kids crafts :S).

A dab of water sticks them together. My daughter is almost 3 and it was easy for her to use.

It came with a little plastic butter knife and my daughter loved cutting the PlayMais in half. She said she's making "a cool nut tree."

My husband and I had as much fun with it as my daughter. Here are our collaborative creations :)

I love the hungry caterpillar. My husband made a hamburger tree :D

I'd recommend this product to children almost 3 and up-that includes big children like me ;)

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