Friday, January 4, 2013


I saw this Currently list over at Amy Tangerine's blog post so thought I'd give it a try. Just for fun :)

Drinking: water...finally changed my water filter
Eating: clementines, Strepsils...yes, I'm sick :(, started taking vitamins again
Listening: any sounds of crying from my daughter
Wearing: red/pink/white checkered pyjama pants I got from Christmas and my husband's huge Homer Simpson T-shirt that even he hardly wears lol (it's comfy though)

Reading: blogs from my reading list of 200+ blogs that I happen to end up following
Feeling: tired but not ready to sleep
Wanting: more personal time for arting/craft purposes
Needing: to sleep more and start exercising again
Wishing: my husband gets better from being sick again and for my daughter and husband to get along better
Thinking: when will I stop being sick, what to teach for art on Monday, whether I should play my age old fav RPG Chrono Cross my husband got me hooked on last night with his new PSVita -_-, and where I misplaced my cell phone
Enjoying: some quiet down time and today's memories of brunch at Cora's and family day out grocery shopping (Costco, Whole Foods)

Loving: my husband and daughter

I think I'll be making this a monthly post. Why not give it a go too? :)

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Kirsty Vittetoe said...

That sounds fun Vic, maybe I'll join you if I can squeeze out some time to play, thanks for sharing! I do hope you'll feel better soon!