Saturday, January 19, 2013

12 Things in 12 Months

During the last week, I was very inspired by the project 365 things in 365 days. This is a project where a couple, Laura and John embark on the challenge of completing 365 things that they have never done together before within the timeframe of 365 days.

With the new year just settling in, I thought I would do something similar but on a much smaller scale. After all, being a mom is not an easy task and doesn't leave too much time for anything else. My idea is to accomplish 12 Things in 12 Months for my personal challenge but I'm hoping to drag my husband into it to complete a couple's 12 Things too.

Here's my list so far but I have a few backup ideas in case one of these don't pull through for whatever reason.

1. Illustrate a book for my daughter
2. Knit a scarf
3. Try a new food every month
4. Sew a piece of clothing for my daughter
5. Hand stitch a glove doll
6. Learn to swim
7. Make photo album of my daughter's 2nd year (plus 1st and newborn year later)
8. Climb the CN Tower
9. Run a race
10. Try pole dancing
11. Open an Etsy shop
12. Play a song fluently on the harp


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

What a fun list, I particularly love #1, 10 and 12, it all sounds FUN to me. I am such a impromptu person and never have new year resolutions or list like that, I think besides being impromptu and do things as and when I feel like doing, I think I am also a perfectionist and afraid of failure, so I try not to give myself too much pressure. However, I always admired people who could do that, you go girl!!!!

Vic Lau said...

Thanks for your encouragement Kirsty! :) I know I have to make a list otherwise I probably won't get it done. Working in an impromptu way can result in a lot of awesome things and it's always nice not to have pressure to do something :)

Btw, were you interested in the "Pay it Forward 2013" from my previous post? If so, I need your email. Thanks.