Monday, May 7, 2012

missing the beach days...

I couldn't help myself but make another card tonight. Whenever I get an idea or want to try out something, I suddenly get an adrenaline boost. :) The inspiration photo is available on the challenge link.

I tried out my new Copic markers some more on this card. I'm really liking the blue background for the sentiment (I previously used acrylic ink on another paper and got to use it today). I'm also liking the sandy like texture from the distressing.

In relation to this card, are my memories of the beach. I actually wrote it up for a travel story challenge over at Just Keep On Creating and I'm pasting it here.

One of the travel memories on my mind these days was when I went to visit my father in law's place with my husband and almost 1.5 year old daughter (at the time) at Port Franks, Canada last summer. His small town has a private beach for Port Franks' residents and it was one of the most beautiful beaches I've been to (I haven't been to a lot of beaches though). The sand was so fine, it was not busy, and it was a good size (not too big/small). I remember taking my daughter there for the first time and how she absolutely loved the feeling of the warm grains of sand against her little feet. We went everyday in the 2 weeks that we were there to the beach there and also another nearby beach at Grand Bend (15 minute drive away). There were lots of memories there...the first time that my daughter saw fireworks on Canada Day night...attempting and failing to build a sand castle...digging a deep hole in the sand instead...the seashells that my daughter time being locked out of our car and peacefully staying in the shade as my daughter napped and my husband finding help...wearing a bikini for the first time and feeling ok about especially with all the stretch marks...the scotching hot sand after the place has been exposed to many hours in the blazing summer sun...going into the water with my daughter with her lifejacket...watching my husband and daughter swim, splish and splash in the water...having my daughter call the water "bath"...the extremely windy day when we were the only ones on the beach and throwing sand in the air to see how far it would many amazing memories just from one place...I hope I can return there this year :)

(Pin)spirational Challenge #5 
Just Keep on Creating Challenge #2


Deanne Clarke-Saunders said...

Wow!!! I love it!!! The hat is amazing!!! Thanks so much for participating in the {PIN}spirational challenge this week.Hope to see you again next week! New challenge goes up tomorrow! I think you'll like it!!!


suzARTe said...

this is such a lovely card, very calm and serene and makes me want to go to the beach. I love the colours you have used as well.

I love the travel story you have shared as well, what happy memories.

Thanks so much for sharing your card at Anything goes, Just keep on creating. I hope you will continue to play along :)

xunl said...

wow your recollection of the beach sounds amazing, so envious of you guys having your own beach T_T btw, have you tried palmer's coco butter for stretch marks? im actually using that now (even though i don't have stretch marks myself -_____- lol), it's so moisturizing, def one of the best i've used so far.. and i love the scent that it leaves after :)

Vic Lau said...

Thanks for your recommendation! The problem is I'm not so good with keeping up face regime, etc. I will have to work on getting ready my body for the beach before I return this summer lol.