Friday, May 18, 2012

Handmade Stamps

Tonight I gave it a go at making my own stamps. It was surprisingly not too hard :) I would like to make more of my own stamps in the future.

Then I went on to make a few cards with the stamps. I'm participating in the Shopping with Virginia Luu Challenge. I absolutely loved reading that entry because there can be so much inspiration if we know where to look. I went with the creative prompt of using repeated small stamps for the background and embossing (I only used on the first card).

These are the cards I came up with:

My next card is a repeated image of the soot ball from My Neighbour Totoro. It's been a favourite movie for me growing up and now it is one of my daughter's favourite too. The two girl characters meet these soot balls when they moved into their new home and the whole place needed a good cleaning. I thought this card can be used for a garage sale or encouragement for someone to clean up :)

I think this last one is my favourite because light coloured paper often showcases handmade stamps better. I think I may be going in this direction more if I make handmade stamps and make editions of prints. The inspiration is my husband's...he always has lots of creative ideas <3

That's it for tonight. I probably won't be making posts for awhile as I am still very busy with report cards-I am taking way too long for each report card. I can't wait till my teaching is over for the school year so I can use the time to explore and create some art/cards.


Virginia L. said...

Kudos to you for making YOUR own stamps, Victoria! I love the intricate details of the leaf and the little cute Totoro image (my kids are huge fans and I just love the theme music on cellos)! Thank you SO much for playing the challenge and I am glad that it gets you to design your own stamps! So creative you are!

*Alison* said...

how cool... I love that you made your own stamps.. I like your little bug.. Thanks so much for entering into the DT Call over at TAWS..This is going to be so hard to pick just one of you..
-owner of the Alley Way Stamps

yyam said...

These are amazing! How cool to create your own stamps! :)

Thanks for playing along with my guest Virginia's challenge! :)