Tuesday, March 20, 2012

IKEA, Urban Barn, Home Decor...

Today was such a beautiful warm sunny day. I love this weather but nothing warmer than this. I wish it would be spring all the time. Anyway, today my husband, daughter, and I dropped by IKEA for a bit. I've always loved IKEA for the beautiful rooms and neat home organization ideas they have. I hope one day I can have a place that will be neatly decorated like that or better. My daughter seemed to really enjoy the trip there too as it was very family friendly. There were play area booths throughout the showroom area for kids to play in and my daughter absolutely loved exploring each room and kept saying "next room" after she pretended to wash her hands and dry off in every sink she found. I ended up picking up 2 different fabrics from the clearance section. I'm hoping I can learn to sew and use them somehow, some way. We also picked up some children plates and bowls-plates (only $1.99 for 6! or $4.99 for 3 sturdier ones).  I gotta love their low pricing.

Another home decor store that my family really liked but requires a lot more supervision for my daughter is Urban Barn. We just came upon it after eating out one night at Nando's (tasty chicken with your choice of spiciness...too bad my daughter wasn't really into even the non spicy, lemon herb flavoured chicken). Anyway, I really liked Urban Barn's home decor. There's lots of interesting ideas and I especially liked the pastel brown/gray coffee table accented with white plant pots. I hope I can get a coffee table like that.

My husband and I were saying how when we have our own place, we're most likely going to find and refinish furniture pieces from Goodwill type stores. It'd be better for the environment and we'll also have some unique pieces at our place. We'll see :)

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