Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beth Krommes

Everyday I've been meaning to make a post but never get a chance (I'm backlogged on a lot of entries that might never get posted). This week is busy as I'm working at a camp for the March Break. It was fun but becoming a mom makes me feel more and more that I've outgrown my camp counsellor days.

Anyway, I wanted to share Beth Krommes' illustrations. The last time I visited the library, I picked up the book Swirl by Swirl by Joyce Sidman illustrated by Beth Krommes. Her illustrations really astound me for its detail and outlines that make each drawing stand out. (Illustration courtesy of http://www.bethkrommes.com)
from Swirl by Swirl

from The House in the Night

Originally I thought it was drawn from pen but it was done with scratchboard. The only time I've seen scratchboard art was through kids' scratchboard art projects.

This takes scratchboard to a whole other level. Apparently, Beth Krommes developed a way to photocopy the scratchboard and adds colour to it after. I'm hoping to use this technique in future art work. :)

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