Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dr Suess Face Painting

Today I tried my hand at face painting for the second time. Apparently I have quite the skill for face painting. Maybe b/c it's like painting but the face is the canvas. Anyway, I wish I could post the pictures but just to make sure I can post them first (since it involves children), I'll have to post my inspiration pictures for now.

Today I painted lots of Grinches, a Cat in the Hat, some truffula trees, 2 red fish (from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish), and lots of Lorax.

Some of my inspiration linked to its original source...

The truffula trees were the simplest and the Cat in the Hat + Grinch took quite some time. If only I can get paid as a real face paint artist, that would be nice :)


Mama Jax said...

Wow these are really good!! How did you do the Grinch one? Fancy dress party panic lol!

Vic Lau said...

Oh, the photos aren't from me. Those are my reference photos which is linked to its original source. However, for the Grinch, you would have to paint the whole face green, then use black thin brush to add the details as shown from the photo. Afterwards, use white thing brush to highlight certain black lines. Hope that helps :)