Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carol Baicker-McKee

I went to the library with my daughter today and I was quite surprised that she didn't mind returning her favourite Toopy and Binoo CD. Maybe it's because I told her that we're going to borrow new ones and she can choose them. Anyway, I came upon a book that my daughter seemed quite fond of and I really liked because of its 3D illustrations using mixed media of fabric, clay, wood, and other materials.

Carol Baicker-McKee's website is under construction right now so I'm unable to provide more pictures but I'll add to this post later on. I'm hoping to get a hold of her other books that she's illustrated including Cheep! Cheep!

Anyway, my daughter seems to like this book so much that I am thinking of recreating little stuffed animals of these characters for her....we'll see if that happens as I have so many art/craft ideas that are never materialized right now.

Apparently, Baicker-McKee also holds a PHD in a clinical child psychology and has written a few parenting books with strategies for preschooler days. This might be worth a look at since my daughter will soon be creeping up to that age.

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