Monday, December 31, 2012

Blessings of 2012

It's unbelievable how quickly a year can pass. I can still remember last New Year's Eve as if it was yesterday. My husband and I finally arranged a date night and went to a Mexican restaurant where we ended up ordering way more dishes than we could finish. We had a nice, long dinner which is rare for us as parents to a young one. My husband drove back through the dark countryside sprinkled here and there with a few lights as I enjoyed the peace we don't always get in the city.

edit: Whoops, apparently that happened 2 years ago in 2010 and my memory is quite vague of last New Year's Eve. lol.

As 2012 comes to an end, I'd like to think about some of the highlights and my blessings of this year and the hopes that come with it...
  • My daughter-She's grown up so much and I find myself often looking back at her younger days trying hard to hold on to those memories while knowing perfectly well that she will have to grow up. Her language development amazes me everyday and she says the funniest things. I've tried to keep track of some them through fb. I've had some many wonderful times with her...visits to the ROM, Kindermusik times, visiting early years centre, a few playdates, her first birthday party with a friend her age, going to paint lounge with her. Some of my best magical moments are all the times I get to spend at home with her and sometimes coming up with creative and imaginative things to do. There were also frustrations with potty training too but she had a sudden major breakthrough in Sept and now she's almost potty trained. She also went to preschool for the first time but too bad she soon grew tired of going and didn't enjoy the company of the other kids there. We'll see how 2013 goes of my little girl.
  • My husband -My husband is the sweetest guy I've ever met and he continues to hold that special place in my heart. He's the most supportive person in my life and spoils me way too much (yes, I feel like a little princess). There has been ups and downs especially since we have virtually no dating time but we have a lot of magical family times...our new normal as parents. We do manage to go on some dates and it's been nice (he spoils me again by taking me to my favourite one of a kind/handmade shows). He also takes really good care of me and is my true soulmate. I hope to spend more time with him and really cherish the moments we have together.
  • My family- I've been very lucky to have some many close family who care about me and my daughter. My aunts and cooking uncle have always been there to take care of my daughter when I had to work, get something done, and even to go on a date. My brother is always taking care of the house and been helping here and there. I hope to return the favour somehow. 
  • Work-Ever since graduating teacher's college, I haven't had much classroom teaching experience. At the beginning of this year (which was the end of the school year), I had the opportunity to teach Art and English. It was busy but a great learning experience. I met really nice teaching colleagues there. I worked at a camp where I discovered my face painting ability. :) I also returned to a tutor centre just 10 minutes away from my house to work which still gives me a lot of time to spend with my daughter. It was also really fun that I got to supply teach at a preschool program-lots of inspiration for things to do with my daughter. I've yet to figure out what I really want to do but I'm happy right now working part time.
  • Health-After 3 weeks of the flu and bad cough recently and a food poisoning incident, I'm more than ready to welcome the New Year with some good health. Throughout this year, I've had a lot of chance to go to different yoga studios and I just love the inner peace and de-stressing element I get into. The last yoga studio I visited was back in September and while I didn't really de-stress from the experience, the challenging workout kickstarted me into 5 weeks of Insanity workout every morning. At the time, I felt so more energetic and alive. Sadly, I've let that go in the last 2 months. I really hope to get started on a good fitness routine in the New Year and go back to yoga (I miss it so much!)  
  • Arts and Craft-This year I discovered a whole world out there in the blogosphere for card-making and creative people. I revisited my craft supplies and took a dive into cardmaking every few nights (at one point, almost every night). It's been such a fun experience being inspired by others, creating my own cards, and then getting feedback. I also got to be in a design team, won a few neat giveaways, and possibly being published in a magazine (I won't know till they send the magazine sometime next year). In terms of Art, I had the opportunity to go to Paint Lounge where it reignited my passion for painting and creating art. It's been such a passion fulfilling experience and I hope I'll have more time to create more in the New Year-whether it's cards or art. 

The future is a blank canvas, ready for us to make our mark.

2013 here I come!

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Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Happy New Year!!!! Great and wonderful post for 2013.