Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Droplet of Child's Play: Sensory Boxes

I found this super creative mommy blog called Pink and Green Mama that is full of art ideas and kids activities. I loved her idea of making sensory boxes to help "hand eye coordination, fine motor development, and serves as a great sensory processing integration experience." She makes various themed sensory boxes throughout the year. 

I started my daughter with rice and we ended up adding in tissue paper. She says this is the beach and the buttons are seashells. We also pretended the buttons were treasure so she had fun digging them out ;)

She loves the feeling of rice and she even put her feet in it to feel it. It's amazing how on the first day she played with it for 45 minutes just like what the Pink and Green Mama blog said. My husband also seems to love playing with it as much my daughter and I do too :D I guess we're both big children. We've also tried popcorn kernels and I can't wait to try out more variety of materials.

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