Monday, April 23, 2012

Raine Moments: Painting

Taking care of my toddler can be tough sometimes. Everything from potty training to transitions to a maintaining a proper sleeping schedule can get a little bit frustrating. At the end of each day though, there are always beautiful moments to remember. I've always meant to blog each night about my day with my little girl but of course, that never happens.

One of the golden moments today was when my toddler was pretending to be Rapunzel from Tangled (I absolutely love that movie) and wanted to paint on the wall. What do I do? Tape some paper on the wall and let her paint away while I put on some of my favourite music.

She seemed like a true artist as she held her palette of paint and painted a bit, took a couple steps back before adding more paint strokes. She even attempted painting her name (which are lines for each letter of her name). Watching a toddler draw or paint is one of the most amazing things because looking at the finished art may look like abstract art. However,  as my toddler draws/paints, she tells me exactly what she is drawing and the strokes make total sense to me. eg. horizontal line for a bed, spiky lines for her daddy's hair, circles for glasses. She was also imitating the paintlounge I've gone to (from my last entry) by saying how she's going to have drinks and also paint lol.

  What she came up with the other night...the lights from Tangled and the long hair from Rapunzel.

What she painted tonight

I'm very lucky that I get to stay at home with my daughter most of the time and see her grow up in these precious early years. I felt really warm inside when this happened sometime last week:

I picked my daughter up from my aunt's house after work and we just came in the door. My daughter went face forward against the wall and with her arms open wide. I asked her, "What are you doing?" She replied, "I love my home."


Anonymous said...

Love that you let your little lady paint on the wall! :) Your story at the end is so precious! I agree with you about being able to stay at home while your child is tiny! I am going back to work in September but hope to stay at home again (or work part-time) in the future. I'm already worried about what it will be like to not spend each day with her. It is very hard work but worth it!

Vic Lau said...

I worry about eventually having to work full time again too. It's going to be hard so cherishing each moment and storing those precious memories somewhere special is all we can do. :)