Saturday, February 11, 2012

toddler activity-dress up person

I miss blogging. Let's do one more post. I finally went back to the Early Years Centre this week because for once, my daughter woke up early enough to get ready to get there by 9:30 and we didn't have anything we HAD to do that day.

It was so nice to be back. My little girl definitely needs to get more time to socialize with little ones her age. She was rather shy and spent a lot of time observing other little boys and girls her age. She tried a range of activities but never really settled down to play one for a while. During circle time, she did not participate with all the actions but she did clap after each song. The one song she did remember and did the actions for was.
There was a crocodile (chop hand thing)
And orangutan (monkey action)

A snaky snake (wiggling arm)
An Eagle flying (fly)
A Bunny (bunny ears)
A Beaver (beaver teeth)
A crazy elephant (elephant trunk)
Na na na nan na na na

Lastly, we had a little craft and it was nice when there were choices for the children eg. Which one would you like? different coloured crayon to write name, showing the boy or girl, different coloured shirts and pants. Also there was a variety of decorations for the children to glue and paste. I was rather proud to see my daughter glue everything on her own with little assistance. The teacher pointed out something important to those parents who seemed to be doing the craft for the children. Something along the lines of..."We don't care what you can make. We care about what the children can make. We care about letting the children develop their fine motor skills."

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