Monday, February 20, 2012

mommy moments + birthday girl at the museum

Ever since becoming a mom, I've been confused about what I really want to do as a career. I never imagined myself to be a stay at home mom but after experiencing motherhood for 2 years, I really don't have the desire to find full time work. That is why wanting to find a real teaching job is looking bleak too because pre-teacher's college, I didn't mind all the work put into planning and then getting to see my ideas come to life. These days I think I prefer a job where I can leave work at work. Sigh. So much confusion of what I really want to do...

On another note, my daughter just turned 2 on Saturday! It's truly amazing thinking of how much she's grown from the moment I met her eyes for the first time. She's a little person with a big personality compared to the days when she just lay there, ate, sleep, looked around, ate, sleep, looked around. Her language acquisition is growing so quickly and there are always the funny moments when she would repeat everything you say. And not to mention her Chinglish of adding "ing" or "ed" to the Chinese verb characters. She truly is amazing and I'm going to try to enjoy every moment of it.

We celebrated her birthday twice-once with her grandparents in London and the other back home with my family. We had a really great time at the Children's Museum in London (ON). It's not really like a museum but more of themed interactive play areas and since children learn best through playing, I find this to be a more appealing place for younger children in comparison to the ROM where there are fewer interactive areas for children. Anyway, a few pictures of the place sourced from its website.

 An Arctic exhibit where children can kayak, mush huskies, go fishing, build their own Inukshuk, and explore the ways of living in the Arctic. I really liked this exhibit as it was new, modern, and had lots of opportunity for hands on learning.

 A little dinosaur exhibit with opportunity to dig for dinosaur bones, make dinosaur rubbings, dress up as a dinosaur, and walk through a cave. I found this exhibit a little outdated but it was a good welcomer as the guests first enter the museum.

 "Science in Your World" exhibit where children can dig up their own vegetables (made from felt-very cute), cook up a storm in the kitchen, sort items as recyclables, and explore the nature and science of the backyard. I quite liked this exhibit except some of the toys needs a little refreshing and also the missing recyclables for sorting.

A neighbourhood where children can play the roles of real life places and professions such as a post office, grocery store, gym, fast food restaurant (McDonald's...err). I love the idea and the plasma car was a blast. Too bad the toys there really needed lots of organizing and probably replaced with some new ones.

Overall, I really did have great time. I was only critiquing out of the mom/teacher side of me...please forgive me if it sounded like complaining.

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