Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catherine Rayner

I need to blog even if it's a random post about my week (although the reason I started this blog was to keep it more streamlined)...

Some more children's books I came across this week where the drawings are so interesting...

 Sylvia and Bird by Catherine Rayner
I love the layering of colours painted on the dragon creating an interesting texture and is coupled by the simplicity of the backgrounds. The story is also a sweet story with a theme about friends.

  Images are from Catherine Rayner's website.

Another book with her illustrations is Posy. I very much enjoyed the illustrations but I do like the story of Sylvia and Bird better.

I'll post more about the other two books I found later on :)

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xunliu said...

awww i really love this style of drawing too.. btw, do you guys have a book of lorax at home already or no? thinking about getting that for raine =)