Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Visit to Evergreen Brick Works

You know how I realllly don't like the cold so this past weekend had the perfect, warm fall weather when we went took a visit to Evergreen Brick Works. I just love the feeling of being in touch with nature again when we visit there. 

One of the play areas for children had these outdoor bongo drums that was so fun to hear as the kids tapped them to their mood. I had never seen anything like it before and would LOVE to have some of those in my future dream garden :) There was also a sand play area surrounded by tree stumps (I have always wanted tree stumps used as seats) as well as a little walkway tunnel created from plants (kind of reminds me of a secret garden).

In their children's garden, there was so much going on-a camp fire, teepees, a yurt, walking on rocks, climbing up hills, and an exploration of colour.

It was wonderful being outdoors 
as we sipped away at a warm smoked turkey, bacon, split pea soup against the sounds of the farmer's market and young families enjoying their day off.

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